The Crossroads after Cascadia

“Cascadia is the proposed name for a bioregional political entity and/or an independent nation located within the Cascadian bioregion of the Pacific Northwest of North America.”
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The typical extent of this country would be from British Columbia south to the northern counties of California which has been pretty much the extent of our North American voyage now in its tenth month. It has been pretty much one country of lush forests, volcanoes, frozen landscapes, waterfalls, etc etc – bordered by much dryer lands to the east and south.

And soon that’s all gonna change because after Cascadia there is a junction on a dusty old section of highway where you can pull over, grab an Indian taco and join in with the crew of Earthcircuit huddled around the maps wondering which direction to take.

The Blue Team have their eyes on Europe – a destination that promises an interesting mix of “back home”, “something completely different” and “the journey continues”…

Team Jigsaw have had their Latin American route penciled in for some time now – its imminent beginning and rising excitement has seen the team swap the pencil for indelible markers and spray paint.

Cascadia has been a unique place to spend time in and re-charge and re-focus our energies. Just a few more nights at the crossroads, then, and the new chapters begin…





Nations Unknown: Cascadia

Cascadia Map and Flag

This idea of this country is as old as the time of its first colonization by white settlers. It is mostly made up of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, along with parts of the surrounding states. At the time, the idea of an America stretching from coast to coast was too strong for any Pacific Republic; indeed, it was too strong for the First Nations who already lived there.

The area is very distinct. The mountain range, Cascades, runs parallel with the coast, enclosing a unique ecosystem of lush forest and rich soils, stretching from the Bay Area all the way to Alaska.

There is also a different culture in Cascadia that is conscious of its variance from the typical American hegemonies. A spirit for freedom and a political liberalism has often spawned many movements for something like an independent Cascadia. But it seems unlikely to happen. Which is a shame – I think this country should exist…





The three magic lines

Looking at the map of the world gives me goosebumps these days. Not only because I can look at what we already covered, but also because what’s still ahead. Yes, we are about to hit the road again for another big drive….

Oh… and there’s those lines. Three of them. The Arctic Circle, the Equator and the Antarctic Circle. I grew to have a little obsession with them. Visiting the Northern one just gave me the kick to go and see the rest of them. Well, at least to try and get as close as possible. I guess that’s why we are getting ready for another journey. This time through Central and South America aiming for the bottom – Patagonia.