Rainbow Gathering 2011

I haven’t communed with the Rainbow People since the early nineties moments before the digital era. Back then, we were a little more interested in acid techno, fascinated by day-glo colours and we noted that the colours of the rainbow failed to include ultra-violet. At least not without a techno pair of sunglasses but this Mediterranean branch of the Rainbow wouldn’t even allow cameras at their little gatherings. Let’s see how things are at the Real Rainbow, here in the Pacific North West, home to the hippies of America, where the whole peace and love thing started out, this green, open and inviting country, let’s see how the internet has changed things, now every phone’s got a camera and everyone’s got a phone…

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Washington State

Waking up to the sound of more explosions, we decided to continue our quest to pick up some travellers for the Rainbow at a quieter, inner-city location. Another Starbucks car park it was then. And while we waited for the replies and responses to our Craigslist ad to sort themselves out from maybes into definites, there were a few things needed doing to Jigsaw to make her a better passenger transportation vehicle than she already was.

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Another border, another season … another update!

Yes, we have officially arrived in the States and we have also officially arrived in the heat of summer. There is always a little bit of anticipatory uncertainty prior to a new country, and the States haven’t been different. However, somehow this time, the post-Canada hangover has long passed.

In search for yet another mission, we have eventually landed in Northern California. While Conny is brushing up on her acting skills, I had to learn how to operate a camera driven by an electric lawnmower. Yes, this time we find ourselves in an organic filmmaking adventure.  Shortly, we will hit you with the final product!