Into the midnight sun

Where does ‘north’ begin and what is it like? Perhaps the answers lie along the Dempster Highway. This is the only road in Canada that takes you across the Arctic Circle and into the land of midnight sun, where north is a way of life, not just an arrow on a map. It’s leading us into a unique landscape, passing through land that until 190 million years ago was coastline of ancestral North America. It’s taking us through the lands of the Han and Inuvialiut peoples. But it’s also taking us to see tundra – something we could not reach in Siberia, as the Siberia’s only road lies along its bottom.  Six days, three thousand kilometers, never ending forest, twenty black bears, one bald eagle, one grizzly, few coyotes and caribous, we are ready for our last few miles up to the Arctic Circle.

North American Electricity

The earth circuit remains the same of course – grounded somewhere along the line, hopefully, into terra firma. But the other two – Live and Neutral – have become Hot and Neutral and have halved from 240V to 120V. Great. Now half of my appliances don’t work and all my extension cables are rated to half the power they could safely carry before…. Here’s why:

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London Squat

One year on the road (at least) and one more to go (at least)… So, with pleasure, I’d like to introduce you all to one of the nicest squats of London, still going strong along with the Factory Squat that was (is, will be…) our home for so long.

Remember that, in this age of plenty, many people do not live comfortable lives and, as the planet runs dry, the only way we can remedy the situation is to work, live and love together – Squatting will Save the Earth!

Some believe he never existed

Born in a small Moravian town in 1868, they called him ‘pigheaded Jan’.

Jan walked. He walked through Vienna, Geneva and the Balkan. Eventually, his journeys brought him all the way to Siberia. While working on the famous Trans Siberian railway, he decided to walk up north and across Siberia to the Arctic Ocean – on his own, without money or special equipment. 

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